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Josh Bezoni

Josh Bezoni is a professional in the field of nutrition . Josh graduated with honors in Biology from the University of Central Iowa (Central College). Rather than further pursue medical school, Josh decided to get right to work on helping people improve their health before getting sick. A health entrepreneur, Bezoni has worked on many different successful ventures that relate to dietary supplements. Josh is the CEO and co-founder BioTrust Nutrition, America’s fastest-growing all-natural and premium nutrition company. He’s also a philanthropist, having donated over $700,000 to Make-A-Wish® and donated upwards of 700,000 meals to hungry children through BioTrust’s partnership with No Kid Hungry. As a certified nutrition specialist, Josh Bezoni has appeared on major TV networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, and Travel Channel promoting his book, “Belly Fat Free.”

Josh Bezoni’s career began when he worked as a nutritionist for his health and fitness mentor Bill Phillips. Phillips’ company, EAS, is a distributor of performance-based nutritional supplements. Josh worked with Phillips’ nutrition companies, EAS and Muscle Media Magazine, as well as on Phillips’ book Body-For-LIFE, which has sold 10 million copies worldwide, ,and is the #1 New York Times best-selling fitness book of all time. Once Josh left EAS, he authored a book of his own, which ultimately garnered enough attention to earn him a spot on the best-sellers list of fitness literature.

Released in 2009, Belly Fat Free is a book Josh wrote to expose the American health epidemic that is belly fat. The cover of this book shows the Statue of Obesity, a symbol of the way American health and fitness has turned in recent years. In Belly Fat Free, Josh Bezoni reveals America’s Great obesity conspiracy. Bezoni takes you through how to transform both yourself back to health and happiness. Josh has helped over one million men and women lose weight and improve their health through his innovative nutrition strategies and programs. You can find Josh’s book Belly Fat Free on Amazon.