3 Things to Never Do While Dieting

It’s an unfortunate fact but of all the people who go on a diet, less than 5% succeed in actually losing weight and, more importantly, keeping that weight off. This is not particularly news though as many people know how difficult dieting is. Although, it doesn’t need to be. Once you know why people often fail at dieting, it all becomes so much easier and you will start to see those results you worked for. There are 3 things that people should never do while dieting and they are:

1. Being too strict with their calorie intake.

Our bodies are smarter than many of us give them credit for and they know when a person has began to change up the amount of calories they normally consume – and our bodies hate that. Heavily restricting calorie intake can trigger an interesting response from our bodies – “starvation mode”. This means that your body will start decreasing metabolism and holding onto fat stores as a mechanism to protect against starvation. Josh Bezoni

What is recommended is a more moderate calorie restriction although your body can still figure that out, which leads us to the next thing that we should never do while dieting.

2. Restricting calorie intake for more than one week.

Even moderate restrictions of calories can still send your body into starvation mode as it won’t take it long to figure out you are eating less calories than usual. Although not as worst as the first reason, this one leads to the dreaded fat-loss plateau, which is a primary factor in discouraging people from continuing with their diets. According to research, calorie restriction should be limited to 1 week at a time as that is how long it takes for important fat burning hormones to decrease due to calorie restrictions.

3. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

If you like pizza? Eat it. If you like ice cream? Who doesn’t? Eat it as well. But, of course, it should be done strategically and at most once a week. Cheating during your diet is normal, expected and it should be done. As stated in reason number 2, your results will be slowed, which can be discouraging, if you are too strict with how many calories you consume.

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