Fighting Belly Fat: Calorie Confusion

new-nutrition-label_largeJosh Bezoni continues to give his readers insight on healthy dieting. Based off of Bezoni’s 37 Foods that Fight Belly Fat, this article covers all you need to know about confusing your calories.

Heres the problem with cutting calories… Most people use this method as a means to lose severe weight. Although this method might work temporairly, calorie restictions tend to backfire and disfigure your metabolism. Here are two reasons why:

1.Hunger Cravings

Cutting calories will constantly lead to uncomfortable cravings and uncontrollable hunger. The prime reason for that is your body isn’t receiving enough nutrients and cannot function correctly. As a result, your body experiences severe hunger and will eventually effect you mentally. With that being said, those who cut calories tend to gain even  MORE weight than where they started and potentially lose control of their eating habits.

2. Negative Calorie Confusion

Hormone levels in your body that are responsible for keeping your metabolism stronger than ever start adapting to your new calorie intake, and then begin to decrease rapidly. This Negative calorie confusion causes your body to conserve calories while storing homorne insulin. Once the hormone called Coristol is affected, it then skyrockets and begins storing more fat. As a result, your rapid weight loss will come to an end.

Lets take a look at a healthy way to confuse your calories.


Healthy Calorie Confusion

Lets say you changed the number of calories you’re eating every 7 days just before your body picks up on these specific changes? What if you actually changed the number of calories you eat every week for 7 days in a row? Yup! you got it.. This is Josh Bezoni’s calorie confusion method! When you begin to confuse your calories in a healthy way, you will trick your metabolism but also continue burning calories and body fat without constant cravings and unstoppable hunger. This can be achieved by changing the calories you’re eating before your body is able to lower the hormones in-charge of cot rolling your calorie-burning metabolism.


For more tips on how to confuse you calories, check out Josh Bezoni’s full 37 Foods that Fight Belly Fat.  

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