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Don’t you think it is absolutely insane that we take natural things such as sugar cane, or vegetables like corn or beets (which are full of fiber and various vitamins and minerals in their natural state), and completely wipe away their healthy properties? What’s left of it now is a fast-digesting, highly addictive, nutritionally dead food that leads to malnutrition and sickness.imgres

Contrary to popular belief, these “stripped carbohydrates” like sugar, flour, enriched white flour, white flour, enriched bleached flour, enriched wheat flour, wheat flour, semolina flour, white rice, maltodextrin, glucose, fructose, malt syrup, corn starch, dextrose, and levulose are some of the world’s most dangerous obesity additives. But ironically enough, “fat-free” foods are loaded with the same ingredients!

The average American eats about 140pounds of sugar per year and about 173 grams per day. This is such a horrible but yet acceptable sugar addiction. It is imperative to know the sugar is an enabler and will continue to induce hunger and cravings. The thing is the sugar demons continue to wreak havoc on our bodies and blood sugar levels, causing them to rise, then fall. When you eat sugar you experience a surge of insulin releasing into your digestive track. Insulin holds on to sugar as tight as it can and stores it as energy. The bad part is, the excess sugar is then stored in your fat cells increasing fat in dreaded areas such as your belly. As a result to this dreadful process, your blood sugar levels drop, causing more hunger and cravings. Now, I am in no way trying to scare you away from sweets! But… numerous studies have shown that sugar causes inflammation—inflammation is the root of most disease. Sugar weakens the immune system and can cause depression. According to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, it also accelerates aging and causes wrinkles.


Lets take a look at exhibit A: 12-ounce soft drink has around 140 calories—all of which come from sugar—and the typical American has at least three of these drinks a day. This equates to about 4 pounds of fat stored in your belly, thighs, hips, face and arms. Yes, ingesting fructose-sweetened soft drinks increases belly fat in overweight subjects. There is also a direct relation  between an increase in sugary soft drink consumption and type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. Are you terrified yet? You should be. I hope you are starting to see why these sugar-filled “Demons” are NOT the right choice, and that those extra pounds on your belly are there not only because of what you eat, but because of what you drink.


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